WaterFire Providence welcomes all

Water and fire

When these two words are together in a sentence, it is usually in reference to contrasting images, like water and vinegar. The two are not supposed to mix.  

If someone asked students if they had ever seen water on fire, their answer would most likely be no. Well, for all who answered no, there is a chance to see this awe-inspiring sight. As for those who said yes, add your experience to watching how the city of Providence mixes these two elements together. 

As many students know, RWU is only half an hour away from Providence. The city offers many splendid sights, one of them being the annual WaterFire event that is currently taking place.

In 1994, an artist named Barnaby Evans created the WaterFire sculpture, which was originally called First Fire. Two years later, Evans created Second Fire for the International Sculpture Conference. This prompted supporters to encourage Evans to transform the event into an ongoing installation in the three rivers of Downtown Providence. He gained support from many visitors, staff and volunteers, and he was even able to earn support from the city and state. As such, these luminous flames now brighten Providence every year. 

Along with community engagement, WaterFire strives to demonstrate the importance of public art and its ability to rebuild the urban and social scene. It is an event that transforms the city and is made for everybody to enjoy.  

Upcoming WaterFire dates include three separate Saturdays: Sept. 28, Oct. 5 and Nov. 2. Each WaterFire presentation honors different groups. September honors Rhode Island educators, October honors healthcare workers and November honors veterans. 

Located on 4 N Main St. in Providence, WaterFire is a fun event to attend with friends and have a great time!