Virginity: Lost. Stacy: Racy

SEX. Getting lucky. Doing the dirty. There are many firsts in our lives, but only one really worth discussing. Losing your virginity. I think we can all agree it isn’t like it’s made up to be. There probably weren’t rose petals and hundreds of candles glowing or violins playing in the background as you slipped out of your clothes. You most likely had no idea what you were doing! One thing is for sure though, it did make for a good story. 

This week on Instagram, I asked and you delivered. There are those whose first time was in those fond, hormonal years of high school while others waited for the new chapter in their life to begin. These people hit their very first home run right here on campus! One individual said that during their special time, their drunk roommate walked into the room and went to bed. But that’s college for you, right? However, not everyone got some for the first time in the tiny twin beds here or in their bedroom back home. Our very own Hawks got more creative for the memorable occasion and they let me know where it all went down. Everywhere from cars, to hotel rooms, to the very unfortunate parents’ bed. Even behind high school stairwells… 

“I’m messing around with this dude, experimenting, classic teenager sh*t -— all while behind the stairwell in my high school after hours. He wasn’t my boyfriend, I wasn’t going to bring him home. Anyway, the scene: me… shirt and bra off, his pants off around the ankles. The door to the stairs opens. We scramble to get ourselves together. We are greeted with the horrified face of our principal. I’m burning f*cking bright red, close to tears, he is trying not to laugh. We get taken back to the office, where we’re given lectures… I never experimented with that dude again — turns out, I’m gay.”

Truly iconic. 

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 Racy Stacy