Shattered in Between is the campus band to know

Shattered in Between takes the stage for Late, Late Show with WQRI.

Emma Bartlett, Arts & Culture Editor

Between performing at Musicians’ Guild Open Mic Night, The Late, Late Show with WQRI and the 2019 South Campus Barbecue, Shattered in Between is becoming a well-known band on campus.

Guitarists Cody Bellucci and Joseph Carano, bass player Jared McGowan, drummer John-Michael Boucher and vocalist Nathan Holt are the founding members of this alternative rock group. They have been playing together since last year. 

Bellucci and McGowan started playing together when a mutual friend put the two in contact with the other three musicians. They all officially met at an open mic night hosted by Musicians’ Guild, where they decided to go on stage together without ever having practiced with one another. The five found a song they all knew and jammed out. After that, the rest is history.

Shattered in Between plays covers by Green Day, 5 Seconds of Summer and many other artists. Currently, the group is focusing on writing their own songs and hopes to slowly switch from covers to originals. With the covers they play now, the band likes to add their own style.

“We like getting to put our own little twist on each song,” Bellucci said. 

The group agrees that they want to create a unique experience for everyone and put a spin on the music so the audience thinks, “I’ve heard this song, but not played that way.”

On average, the band practices twice a week. Right before a show, they will meet as much as possible and two hours before performing, the group will go over songs for a final revision.

The group has come a long way since they first played together. In the beginning, each musician had his own style, but the more they practiced together the more their chemistry evolved. 

“We’re getting into it. Since our first performance to now we’ve moved and grooved a lot more,” Holt said.

The band members also acknowledge there have been benefits to playing together. 

“It taught us to be more of a family. Random people who didn’t know each other got together and we’re the best of friends now,” Holt said. 

“I was exposed to music I didn’t think I’d be exposed to,” Boucher said. “Being in college is stressful and it helps relieve that stress.”