Crush it with your new class crush

Hello Hawks! The time has finally come, amongst other things. Welcome to the season of class crushes! By now, you are starting to settle into your different classes and workload. But most importantly, you are in the process of deciding your class crush for the duration of the semester.

If you are confused, let me help explain it to you. It is inevitable that everyone has a person who their wandering eyes always seem to land on, if not more than one. The first few weeks of the semester are crucial for determining this. This is the prime time to walk in and scan the room to find those hidden gems in your class. 
It might be the person you’ve had a crush on the past month or it could be someone brand new, but maybe just maybe, you’re going to marry them… they just don’t know it yet. That’s the fun of class crushes! 
Now you may be wondering, what do I do next? Well, you see, I am still trying to figure out the perfect equation for a 100% success rate. However, I have some helpful tips that I challenge all of you to go out and try.

1. We will start simple. Request them on Instagram. Give them the opportunity to become familiar with you. Although I bet they already know who you are because damn, you are shining!

2. Try to sit a seat closer to them next class. Unfortunately, this may be tough because by now everyone has their unassigned assigned seat. However, honestly go for it. Do it for love!

3. Ask them to study. You are in the same class both hoping to do well! This will give you a chance to spend some time together outside of class. Need I say more?

Now, let me clarify. Do not stalk your class crush! Sometimes it is best to view and admire them from a distance and sometimes that will be the extent of your crush. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to try for something a little more. So go out there and make some moves, because I bet your class crush is out there wanting to do the same thing.

Racy Stacy