RWU alum is Student Programs, Leadership, and Orientation’s new assistant director

In June of this year, Jerrel Burgo was hired as a new Assistant Director of Student Programs, Leadership and Orientation (SPLO). An RWU alum, Burgo graduated alongside his wife in 2010, as a history major with a core concentration in sociology and anthropology. 
After living away from home with his wife for 10 years, he returned to the university and decided to apply for his current position. As assistant director, he is responsible for advising Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) and the Multicultural Student Union (MSU). He has a wealth of experience with these groups, as he was an active member of both while he studied here. He also manages the SPLO website and social media, while helping to organize orientation for families and new students.

Burgo was very involved on campus as a student here. He was interested in student affairs and leadership development, having worked previously with SPLO in a different position. He developed a number of leadership skills through working as a tour guide and resident assistant, while he acted as president of MSU and a board member of CEN.

After graduation, he applied for a position at Syracuse University as Director of Mentor Programs, later working in the Office of Multicultural Affairs. He then received an education degree from Syracuse. He also spent time working in information security for the U.S. Department of Defense. 
As assistant director, he hopes to bring his institutional knowledge to the department, as well as experiences he has had that can make meaning of that knowledge. Burgo wants to support both the department and students in the way he feels they need to be supported, and he enjoys being a “team player” alongside other members of the department.