College night at the museum

For students who enjoy traveling to Boston, there is a fun opportunity on Fridays during September that college students should take advantage of. Back at President Miaoulis’ old stomping grounds, the Museum of Science, students can enter free of charge after hours. All one needs is a valid school ID and they can spend up to four hours exploring without the kids and crowds. 

Students receive a button to wear, distinguishing them as student visitors, as well as a ticket before entering the museum. 

Three seniors from Brandeis University attended the event on Sept. 13 because they “[had] never been and it [was] free.” The students braved the traffic that made the usual 20 minute drive into the city a venture that lasted about one hour. 

The IMAX theater and planetarium are also open. Students can enter for a small fee to watch interesting shows, such as one on the Great Barrier Reef.

The Theater of Electricity is a popular part of the museum and free with admission to the event. The presenter adapts the lightning demonstration, a presentation centered around how electricity and lightning works, for the college audience by relating the topics to college life and experiences. 

The special exhibit, Gunther von Hagens’ Body Works & The Cycle of Life, costs $8 to walk through and learn about the human body from the inside out. The exhibit goes through the process of life starting at conception. The human body models are actual human donors, who allowed their bodies to be used after death for the purpose of teaching others about life. 

Ryan Thomas is a museum employee who graduated from Emmanuel College with a business degree. He welcomed students and gave out tickets and buttons for the event. As a student in Boston, Thomas had no idea there was a science museum in the city and he found that to be “tragic.”

“[College night] is a great way to get college students into the museum and it’s free,” Thomas said. 


There are still two Fridays in September to attend the event and have some fun with friends in the city.