How New Tech Could Help You Manage Your Money

(StatePoint) From fitness apps monitoring daily activity to calendar apps that send appointment reminders, having high-quality, real-time information in the palm of your hand can be an effective way to stay accountable to your goals. So if you’re looking to better manage your money, it may be time to consider how an app can help.

First, think about what your financial goals are and then find a solutions-based app that can help you achieve them. Keep in mind that like other lifestyle apps, the most effective financial apps go beyond tracking behaviors to proactively notify users when something is amiss and offer tangible strategies for changing course.

One such example is the free LendingTree app, which not only monitors your holistic financial status, but is also a smart money guide offering tailored advice. For example, with the app, you can not only check your credit score, but also receive tips on how to improve it and get notified when your score gets you in range for a better credit card or loan rate. The app, available at the Apple App Store and Google Play, also offers such tools as cash flow management, which includes recommendations for ways to make room in your budget based on your habits, a library of free financial wellness courses, as well as savings alerts when you could be saving money on your monthly expenses.

After finding the personal finance app that’s right for you, here are just a few ways to get the most out of it:

• Get quick overviews: With a streamlined app, you can quickly get the big picture regarding your financial health, so you don’t have to log into numerous accounts to assess your standing.

• Get personal: When it comes to certain questions you may have, generic answers won’t necessarily help. Find an app that’s already monitoring your personal finance and is equipped to answer specific-to-you questions like “Would a personal loan work better for that purchase?” and “Do I have enough equity in my home to borrow against it?”

• Set an example: Kids are naturally attracted to tech. So by using an app that’s helping you save money, pay off debts and plan for the future, you’ll be setting an example that your kids will notice, helping pave the way for their own healthy financial futures.

• Lean on it during big moments: Life’s big moments are often when people are most in need of financial guidance. Use tools that can help you make better decisions. For example, rather than worrying over interest rates or trying to time your loan based on the market, the LendingTree app taps into its nationwide network of lenders to find immediate and long-term savings opportunities for users.

Remember, the goal of using a personal finance app isn’t to give you one more reason to look at your phone, but to gain confidence and reduce financial anxiety. The right tools will help you do just that.

Photo Credit: (c) marchmeena29 / iStock via Getty Images Plus