Amazon Prime debuts “Carnival Row”

Kathryn Sturdevant, Herald Contributor

Amazon Prime is conventionally known for being able to order anything an individual desires and having it shipped to that person’s doorstep in less than 48 hours. Lately, the platform has been a destination for television and movies, including some of the company’s own.

In August 2019, a new show appeared on Amazon Prime called “Carnival Row,” an American neo-noir fantasy web television series. The show takes place during the Victorian era in the city of London, England. The city is slowly being filled with more mystical creatures, such as fairies who are called “pixs” or “Fae,” and human/fawn creatures who have large hooved feet and large horns around their heads. These creatures struggle to co-exist with the humans around them since a lot of them are oppressed, discriminated against and have low waged jobs serving humans.

The show looks at two main characters, the first being a fairy named Vignette, who fled her homeland of fairies because they were getting attacked by a ruthless war going on. Vignette, played by Cara Delevingne, finds herself in London where she seeks refuge, but is only greeted by the harsh discrimination of the humans that inhabit the land.

The audience is also introduced to one human, a detective named Rycroft, played by Orlando Bloom. The detective investigates series of multiple murders that occur in the city, and the first scene depicts him helping a fawn that is being harassed by a police officer. Right away, the audience understands that he has compassion and sympathy for other creatures. As the story unfolds, individuals understand that Vignette and Rycroft had a past together and that there was a clear love interest. 

“Carnival Row” looks into aspects of discrimination in a fantasy theme, but it still focuses on an aspect of our own human lives and what we have been dealing with for centuries.

The show enlightens the audience about how the discriminated feel and how the discriminators feel. The show also looks at other characters such as a rich fawn, who moves into a rich human neighborhood and one woman in the wealthy neighborhood gets to understand the fawn and his personality. The show takes these discriminated creatures and humans and bring them together.

“Carnival Row” has eight episodes, each running an hour long. Each episode is engaging and unfolds new secrets about the main characters and what the creatures are really about.