DIY costume ideas

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Growing up, for most students, costumes were picked from a selection of various bags at places like Target or Spirit Halloween. As a college student, you realize these costumes can run a pretty penny. For a student on a budget, these costumes may be out of the question.


But have no fear! These bagged costumes are not the only option.


A few Google searches can lead to some interesting homemade costumes that can be impressive without breaking the bank. Places like Goodwill and Savers are great options, or even local thrift stores. For something you may only wear once, it is not in your best interest to pay an arm and a leg.

 Depending on the costume, prices can range from around $5 to $20. For costumes of characters from the 1990s, Goodwill and Savers are THE places to go. Walking into one of those stores is like walking back into the last decade of the 20th century. Even if the exact piece of the costume cannot be found, finding something similar at a reasonable price is still an option. A little alteration will still keep the costume in budget and gives it a personal feel.
Starting with Pinterest, gathering ideas for DIY costumes can lead to a great homemade costume and a great Halloween, all while staying within a college student’s budget. 


Costume ideas for college students on a budget:


1. Scarecrow

What you need: Overalls and a flannel shirt, some hay from the dollar store and a straw hat


2. Brawny man or woman

What you need: Flannel, jeans, a roll of Brawny


3. Zombie

What you need: Shirt with holes/cut-up shirt and pants, makeup (companies with cheap makeup: Elf, Wet and Wild and NYX, which can be found at a dollar store or Walmart)

4. Damien from “Mean Girls”

What you need: Blue sweatshirt with the hood up and dark sunglasses. Make a sign that says “She doesn’t even go here”


5. Steve from “Blues Clues”

What you need: Blue striped shirt, khakis, belt, red notebook 



6. Boo from “Monsters Inc.”

What you need: Pink sweater, purple leggings, pigtails, white shoes


7. Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast”

What you need: Yellow dress, yellow plastic cups, white hat, flames made out of construction paper 


8. Rosie the Riveter

What you need: Blue collared short-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, red bandana and some red lipstick 


9. “Price is Right” contestant

What you need: Any outfit, poster board with a guessing price and a yellow name tag 


10. Macaroni and cheese

What you need: Yellow shirt, taped on yellow-painted cardboard tubes