Survey Says: Campus Feud!!!

Rachel Dvareckas, Features Editor

RWU presented its own game show on Saturday, Oct. 28. CEN and IRHA hosted Campus Feud in the Rec Center. Instead of Steve Harvey, the host for the night was a student named Matt, an entertaining and lively guy that kept the show moving. 

The turnout for the event was not very large, but some big personalities in the crowd made up for the lack of an audience. A nacho and taco bar was included with the event for free, so students could make their own to enjoy during the show. 

Eight teams competed for the first place $200 cash prize by attempting to accumulate the most points. After each set of teams played, the two teams with the most points played against each other for the prize. 

The last game was a close one. Both teams had an equal chance of winning as they racked up points throughout the four rounds of the game. In the end, the team that scored the most points in the first set of games won first place. 

“They had us the first half, not gonna lie, but we kept at it with the good answers,” said Jordan McLenithan, a sophomore civil engineering major and winner of the game.

 Jordan and his teammates, Lexi, Lizz and Lindsey split the $200 cash prize.