CW Channel adopts new “Nancy Drew” series

Veronica Rodriguez, Herald Contributor

Freshman Parker Schwartz refers to the protagonist of The CW’s newest show as a “crime solving genius.” 

“Nancy Drew” is now on The CW channel as a new television series. Originally a mystery book series, the novels followed young detective Nancy Drew and all of her adventures.

Schwartz read the book series and remembered Drew as an empowering, confident woman who worked hard to solve her mysteries.

The pilot episode starts with Drew and some of her friends in a cemetery. Most of the episode follows Drew giving the audience a look into her past and then delving into her daily life. This then transitions into Drew finding the body of Mrs. Hudson, the wife of one of the customers of the diner Drew works at. The woman’s immediate death went unnoticed due to a firework display that happened simultaneously. The fireworks acted as a distraction, so no one knew what happened with Mrs. Hudson. 

Drew and her coworkers are immediately taken to the police station, which helps introduce the viewer to a “ghost” named Lucy. This ghost is sort of a myth in the sense that whenever some minor inconvenience occurs, she is blamed. In classic television-show mystery fashion, Drew goes on to solve the mystery with the rest of her friends through some pretty questionable tactics, like sneaking onto Ryan Hudson’s property and going through his belongings. 

From this show, the audience can expect some classic mystery tropes, like unexpected and sudden plot twists and some introductory notions to most characters. The blame is put on the main characters before it finally gets revealed that someone else was behind the murder of Mrs. Hudson. The acting in the first episode seemed good. There was no actor that stood out due to poor acting, but nobody was significantly outstanding, either. Although, it did seem difficult to draw a direct conclusion based on only the pilot episode. 

The pacing of “Nancy Drew” was fairly adequate. It was neither too slow nor too fast and gave enough information for the audience to understand what was going on. As a warning to anyone who decides to watch the show, the pilot episode does include some sexual scenes. However, they are not explicit.

For anyone interested in watching, “Nancy Drew” comes on The CW channel on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.