Una Noche Latina


On a dreary Thursday night, the GHH atrium was alive and bustling with people for Noche Latina.
This event on Oct. 3 was hosted by the Hispanic and Latinx Student Association (HALSA), Barbershop Club, Africana Student Coalition, Multicultural Student Union (MSU) and WQRI. 
  The event brought students from all backgrounds together to have fun, socialize, dance and eat. 
Tables were set to the side to make room for the dancing instruction that occurred throughout the night. An instructor taught students how to salsa, bachata and merengue while WQRI provided the music. Pizza and empanadas were served along with a cake with the HALSA logo on it. 

 The event was well attended and people from different cultures came together to celebrate their similarities and learn about other cultures. 

“I came because I’m Guatemalan and I wanted to meet people from similar cultures,” Jonathan Molina, a freshman secondary education major said.

Noche Latina provided a night for the RWU community to embrace its growing population of Hispanic and Latinx students and to connect with others. Students could bond with one another and get to know others at the school. 

“Whenever someone thinks of Hispanics or Latinos, they automatically think of Mexico, because that’s what they’re more familiar with,” President of HALSA Domenica Caico said. “But, there are so many more countries in South America, Central America and the Caribbean that are forgotten. We try our best to make sure they aren’t forgotten anymore.”

HALSA teaches its members and other students in the community about different cultures, using events like Noche Latina to educate the community in a fun and entertaining way.