Kacey Musgraves’ “Golden Hour”

If you think that “Space Cowboy” is about literal cowboys flying around in space, you are missing out on the wonderful work of country star Kacey Musgraves. 

Hailing from the city of Golden, Texas at 31-years-old, Musgraves is a new age country singer with just as much innovation within her music as there is classic country blues.

Winning Best Album of the Year in 2018 at the Grammy Awards, “Golden Hour” is a mix of out-of-this-world sound and old twang that anyone can enjoy upon listening. 13 songs just as warm and bright as the title fill the record, attracting country enthusiasts and music lovers alike. 

Whether you are a fan of country music or not, this album spans many genres and is a must hear. Several songs are super catchy and addictive — especially the first track of the album. “Slow Burn” is a mellow and soft track which eases the listener into the overall low-key tone of the album. The message within the song is found best by looking into the lyrics, which pour out from Musgraves’ heart about living intentionally and enjoying life for what it is. She is living slowly and letting everything come and go with the flow of the tide of life — a lesson that all can resonate with.  

Following this song is the slightly more upbeat “Lonely Weekend,” which takes FOMO to a whole new level. Musgraves sings about feeling like she is missing out on life around her. One line reads, “I’ve got a million things to do but I haven’t done a single one.” The truth behind these lyrics are so relatable and real, especially for college students. By the end of the tune, however, she realizes that it is okay to spend some time with yourself, and that feeling lonely is not necessarily a bad thing.

The next song “Butterflies” is one of her most popular songs to date and is all about the feeling of being in love and truly cared for. The song is light and airy with a slight beat that is super catchy. Another popular track of hers is the break-up song “Space Cowboy.” When you hear the guitar and melody of this song, listeners come to realize that Musgraves is not speaking about a cowboy drifting through the galaxy. This song is all about a guy being in a relationship that he clearly does not want to be in wholeheartedly. Musgraves strikes the nail on the head on giving a guy space to run away or to choose to stay, realizing that she has already lost this country love. 

The album would not be complete without the disco-inspired diss song titled “High Horse,” where Musgraves calls out a guy that thinks he is God’s gift to humanity with his attitude. She chants, “why don’t you give it up, give it up and ride straight out of this town, you and your high horse.” Anyone who likes songs about strong women empowered enough to take a stand against that guy we all know will find this an instant favorite. 

Along with other addictive tunes, such as “Golden Hour” and “Wonder Woman,” the last song of the album, entitled “Rainbow,” is a beautiful song about finding yourself and being happy with the sunshine that has always been behind the rain.  

The entire album is so infectious, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself.