To condom or not to condom

Condoms. The defense against pregnancy and STIs, but the cause of some awkward times. Have you ever been getting it on, hot and heavy with someone and the moment has finally arrived, but suddenly things become hard — in more ways than one. You can’t seem to get the condom on! Maybe you are not a master yet and can’t figure out how they work or maybe you can’t get it to fit around his… well, you know. That being said, condoms can get you into some pretty sticky situations.

This is why I wanted to hear from you whether you use condoms or not. From beginners to experts, I wanted to hear what you think about these stretchy, protective, tasty (if that’s what you prefer) pieces of rubber.
At RWU, there are differing opinions on whether people like to use condoms or not. As I have said before, I always recommend using protection. Though, the choice is a personal one to make.
Here are some student responses to the question:
“I don’t want to get pregnant or get an STD.”
“Never had a good experience with condoms… something always went wrong.”
“Um no babies right now.”
Of course, condoms can sometimes be a bit tricky…
“I was hooking up with this guy and he couldn’t get the condom on… we tried with three separate ones and failed all three times. All that effort and no sex. 
“One guy I hooked up with used his own… kept breaking. Turns out they were all expired.”
Clearly, he had high hopes back in the day when he bought them.
Keep doing you, guys! Stay safe out there and make informed choices.
Racy Stacy