Destress with Headspace

Many college students report high levels of stress and anxiety. Not many know where to go or how to manage their stress in healthy ways. For many individuals, this is the first time in their lives they must learn how to cope with their emotions with no familiar faces to help them out.

There are many healthy methods to relieve stress and anxiety. One method that is gaining attention is an application called Headspace. Headspace is an app made for mindfulness exercises and guided meditation. 

Headspace offers separate lessons for people who are new to meditation, those who have done some meditation before and users who are already well versed in meditating. The app guides many people through meditation, no matter their experiences, and gets them comfortable with the practice. Additionally, Headspace helps individuals deal with mindfulness.

This app has many goals people can set for themselves and caters to every kind of person. Athletes can use Headspace’s mindfulness pack named “Movement & Sport” and another handy pack called “Physical Health.” There is even one specifically for stress and anxiety. This app also incorporates the use of goals, as motivation to encourage users to continue their mindfulness journey. Goals range from how many minutes users have spent meditating to how many days people have used the program. 

Another essential part of this app is Headspace’s ‘Falling Asleep’ section, which has sleep-casts that are similar to podcasts. Sleep-casts are stories told in low, hushed tones in order to soothe listeners to dreamland. However, if that does not sound appealing, Headspace also has sleep music, meditation and breathing exercises to help relax people for bed, along with 3D recordings gathered from places around the world. 

Headspace offers a variety of resources to soothe the mind. Although there are some in app purchases, users are not required to buy anything for most of their lessons. So next time students have trouble relaxing or calming down, or simply want to find ways to cope with anxiety and trouble sleeping, check out Headspace.