How to practice mindfulness

Sophia Pasquariello, Herald Contributor

What is mindfulness? You can eat right and work out often but still not feel like anything is changing. 

 We focus so much on physical appearances but we do not pay enough attention to our mental states. Mindfulness involves being aware of our thoughts, environment and the activities we do in our day to day life. It is about paying attention to every moment and accepting what is happening in everyday life. 

 College, for most people, is the first time they are out on their own. It is important to find healthy activities to keep your mind and body sharp. As college students, we have so much to focus on, whether it’s our grades or our self-image. It is important to enjoy the little moments of the journey and find small things in life that we enjoy doing and find interesting, so we do not lose sight of what is important to us. 

 Studies show that most students who practice mindfulness do better in academics, improve their mental health, increase their confidence and sleep better. Living such a busy life in college, it is important to still try to focus on those things. 

 How can you practice mindfulness? When you’re walking to class, pay attention to the people around you. Make mental notes of what you see and how you feel. 

 If you ever feel yourself getting stressed out, find an activity you like that will calm you and make you feel better in that situation. You could take a few deep breaths, put on a face mask or even go for a walk or run — whatever relaxes you.
  Being “mindful” occurs when you decide to be more aware of everything and everyone around you. Do not lose focus on what’s important to you but make sure you do not push yourself by trying too much at once. Focus on one pursuit at a time and find activities that make you happy during the process and afterwards.