Matchmaker: Music Edition

I can confidently say that music is a huge aspect of each and every one of our lives… and so is sex. What a coincidence. We spend a large part of our day with our earbuds in or speakers blasting as we listen to the sounds of our favorite artist or genre. Because of this, our music tastes influences our lives in more ways than you may think, especially in the bedroom!

● Pop: Those who are big fans of pop are often very extroverted, but tend to lack in creativity and are in general more nervous. Because of this they may not always be willing to try all the ~kinky~ new moves in bed. However, this does not mean they don’t have other skills to please you.

● R&B: These fans are very outgoing and often tell the truth. They tend to tell it how it is, so bring your A game because honesty is the best policy for them.

● Country: These folks tend to be more outgoing and emotionally stable. Country music lovers have shown that they are the most satisfied in bed. You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas.

● Rap and hip hop: These individuals live an outgoing lifestyle. They also typically lean toward the more aggressive side so if you like it rough in the bedroom, seek out a rap lover. It will be a bangin’ sesh like no other.

● Classical: These fans have a more mellow personality. They are often introverted and live a chill life. They also tend to be more creative… on the streets and in the sheets. You will be in for the ride of your life if you go for a classical music loving partner.

● Rock: These individuals tend to be more hard-working while also relaxed and flexible. All these things add up to the perfect recipe for a sexual partner. Am I right or am I right? Call them AC/DC because they are going to rock you all night long.

Music may be more of a deciding factor than you think when choosing a sexual partner. It has been proven that people with the same music tastes have a better sexual experience. So keep an eye out for that person bumpin’ to your favorite song because they just might be the one.


Racy Stacy