Hawk’s Closet gets new location

A center providing new and used internship clothing for students was opened in March of this year, and has now moved to a new location.

The Hawk’s Closet, located in the Center for Student Development (CSD), provides students with free clothes to be worn for job interviews and internships. Discussion about the closet began between university staff members during the spring of 2018.

Assistant Vice President and Dean for Student Life Lisa Landreman spoke to how the idea of the Hawk’s Closet originally came about.

“We were finding a lot of college students didn’t come with clothing that was appropriate for a job interview,” Landreman said. “It costs money to come up with that clothing, and so we thought this could be a way that we would level the playing field and make sure that students who might have a tighter budget weren’t disadvantaged in obtaining internship or employment.”

Uncertain as to where it would be housed, it was decided the closet would be temporarily located on the second floor of the library. Thanks to the efforts of junior Judith Suffrard, a student volunteer looking for a service project, the closet would be further conceptualized.

Suffrard’s contributions include helping relocate the closet into what used to be the CSD’s break room, organizing and keeping track of the items that go in and out, developing its mission statement and even hosting a fashion show to show off the types of clothes the closet carries.

Another key figure is Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life, Sue Benevides, who helps keep track of items that are taken in Suffrard’s absence.

The closet is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with donations of gently-worn clothes by staff and faculty being accepted from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The clothes donated must be appropriate for a work setting, and not exceedingly casual (such as sweatpants or pajamas). A suggestions box is also available for those looking for a certain item the closet might not have. CSD staff can then check to see if the item is available elsewhere and if so, have it sent to the closet.