3 Tips for a Happier, Healthier You This Holiday

(StatePoint) During the holiday season, there tends to be a lot of focus on big celebrations and spending money. But during this festive time of year, it is also important to take steps that will keep your family, your home and your wallet healthy.  

Use these tips from the experts at Dollar General to enjoy a happier holiday season.

Hospitable Home

With friends and family visiting frequently, the holidays are a busy time around the home. To prepare for all of your guests, get your home into pristine shape. Stock up on cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes, trash bags and paper items. Create a holiday season routine that dedicates one day a week or a few minutes daily to sprucing up.

For holiday meals, look for wholesome ingredients like milk, eggs, bread, cheese, proteins, frozen and canned vegetables, canned fruits, grains and more.  All of these healthier food options are available at more than 16,000 Dollar General locations. Be sure to check your local store as the discount retailer is expected to have fresh fruits and vegetables available in approximately 650 stores by January. You can balance some of those heavier dishes enjoyed around the holidays with healthier snacking options.

For delicious recipes and tips for holiday meals visit, Dollargeneral.com/easy-meals.

Mindful Wallet

Create a budget for the entire season that includes seasonal expenses such as gift-giving, hosting, meal preparation, decorations and more. Then, plan to stick to this budget with thoughtful spending.

Luckily, it’s easier to plan your expenditures in advance thanks to new tech. When shopping for friends, family and loved ones, use apps with budget-friendly features, such as the Dollar General app found on the App Store or Google Play. Its Shopping List feature helps you create your shopping list and calculate your estimated total before even going to the store. If you don’t have time to plan your trip, the Cart Calculator function, which is available in approximately 12,000 stores, allows you to scan products, find digital coupon savings and keep a running total of your basket.

Additionally, you can take advantage of great deals offered by local and online stores such as Dollar General, which is currently running a toy discount of 25 percent off any $75+ qualifying purchase through December 24.

Healthier You

The season’s cooler temperatures can adversely affect immunity, and possibly impact your family’s risk of contracting viruses and bacterial infections, so watch for the warning signs and take preventative measures to stay well. Remember to wash your hands often, particularly before preparing food, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and consider stocking up on over-the-counter vitamins and minerals to improve winter wellness.

It’s the season for celebration. Indulge yourself in making the most out of your time with loved ones, friends and family, but be confident in making healthy choices for you, your home and your wallet.

Photo Credit: (c) monkeybusinessimages / iStock via Getty Images Plus