Keeping it reel with the Film Production Collaborative

Get the popcorn and take a seat for a sneak preview of what Roger Williams University’s own film club, the Film Production Collaborative (FPC), has to offer. On Monday nights from 7 to 8 p.m. ideas start to stir in GHH G05. From coming up with ideas for short films, to writing out scripts and filming, to just discussing different movies, FPC opens its door to everyone. Although the name may seem intimidating to novice film buffs, the club aims to be very welcoming.

 Treasurer of FPC, sophomore Adam Zerman, described the club.

 “[It is] really fun and easy-going. It can be intimidating when seasoned members talk about movies you’ve never heard of. Just don’t pay attention to that. If you love movies, just come and join. Just stop by a meeting, we’d love to have you.”

 Junior Ian Malloy, the club’s creative director, said he enjoys the meetings because it is very easy to go on a tangent during them.

“We can divulge into an intense movie discussion,” Malloy said.

 Attendance varies each week and prospective members need not worry about missing previous meetings. FPC is always up to something and welcomes new ideas whenever they come in.

 Zerman said the best part of FPC is the members of the club.

 “It’s not like any other club. The people are what makes it a great club,” Zerman said.

 When asked why they joined the club, members of the e-board offered different reasoning. However, they have all come together to work as a great team.

 President of FPC, senior Rosie Stevens, said she joined the club because she “wanted to get into the entertainment industry and make movies.”

 FPC’s vice president, sophomore Joe Brown, joined for another reason.

“I love movies. Making them, watching them, talking about them. Anything movie, I like,” Brown said. 

Zerman also talked about how he got into FPC.

 “I was brought to one meeting and I loved the humor and the people there. I was never really into film but I loved the atmosphere. It’s a great place even if you aren’t really into film,” Zerman said.

 Aside from weekly movie nights, which they are hoping to increase next semester, FPC usually has two big events during the year: the Film Festival and Movie Trivia Night. The highly anticipated Film Festival is taking place on Dec. 2 from 6-8 p.m. The event is made up entirely of student submissions that are under five minutes and will be played in the 7-8 p.m. block of the night. Club Advisor and Associate Professor of Art Murray McMillan brings about 25 short films to the event, as they are the final projects of the students in his film class.

 The event will include a red carpet and even a step and repeat, where students can take pictures on the red carpet. Although dressing up for the event is not required, it is a good excuse to break out the sparkly dress or suit from the back of the closet. There will be a raffle going on during the event with various prizes, such as a CBS Bluetooth speaker, a Stephen Colbert t-shirt, a bust from “Survivor” and a themed water bottle. Other prizes include a mug and hat from RWU’s bookstore and a $50 movie theater gift card.

 The highlight of the night will take place from 6-7 p.m. with speaker Dan Marshall. Marshall is a veteran in the movie industry with years of work and experience under his belt. FPC had the honor of receiving help from Marshall when working on their film submission at a film festival earlier this semester. He will share his knowledge with students, followed by a Q&Asession. After the viewing of the student films, a reception will be held. Students won’t want to be slate for a fun night focused on film.