The man who saved America: From exterminating ISIS, balancing trade deals and creating millions of jobs, President Trump is making America great again

_Derek Zarrella_, _Herald Contributor_

Donald Trump defines the American success story. For decades, he has continually set the standard of entrepreneurial excellence, developing a very successful billion-dollar business. However, as of June 16, 2015, he left behind his comfortable lifestyle for the American people to become the next President of the United States. Prior to Trump taking office, our country was in disarray. ISIS was growing and committing inhumane acts. North Korea was testing rockets over Japan, in search of developing nuclear weapons. Domestically our economy was stagnant. Wages were not increasing, small businesses were closing and manufacturing jobs were moving out of the United States. America needed new leadership. Our country needed a winner. Our country needed Trump.

On November 8, 2016, Trump won by the biggest margin for a Republican since the Reagan-Bush era. He accomplished this by connecting to the American people on an interpersonal basis through wildly entertaining public events, known as “Trump rallies.” Trump spread his message of economic prosperity for the middle class, promoting legal immigration and exterminating corruption in Washington D.C. by “draining the swamp.” As of January 20, 2017, he is accomplishing just that. 

In a flash, he has jump-started the American economy into record growth which created millions of jobs and increased wages for working middle-class Americans. In addition, nearly five million Americans have been lifted off food stamps, according to Trump’s 2019 State of the Union Address. President Trump’s economic policy of lowering taxes and cutting government regulation is working for all Americans, and there are factual statistics to back this claim. Right now, our country is experiencing the lowest rates of African-American, Hispanic and Asian-American unemployment ever recorded in our nation’s history, according to Labor Department data. The Trump economy is doing tremendously well for a diverse America. Simply put, our president is NOT a racist, despite others foolishly claiming this preposterous idea.

Before the 2016 election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was valued at 17,000 points. To date, the stock market is now at an astounding 27,000 points and economists say it will only get better once the trade deal with China is complete. The topic of trade is one of Trump’s landmark principles that will define his presidency. Our president is committed to balance trade deals with foreign leaders of the European Union and President Xi of China to protect our intellectual property and to further strengthen our economy. In fact, as of Oct. 11 of this year, Trump announced in the Oval Office that phase one of the trade deal with China had been agreed upon. This is exciting news for our country because the first phase of this deal will address intellectual property concerns. 

In addition, China agreed to purchase $40 billion to $50 billion worth of agricultural products from U.S. farmers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Trump has been able to bring China to the negotiating table by using the power of the tariff. The president has been utilizing tariffs effectively to encourage companies to purchase American products, and to put more economic pressure on China to renegotiate a better deal for our country.

Many times, Trump vows to the American people that he will make America strong again. Upon taking office, the president directed the rebuilding of the United States Military, increasing military spending to about $750 billion dollars in the next fiscal year. Also, the Trump administration created a new national defense strategy, implementing cutting edge ballistic missile defenses. The actions put forth by fortifying the U.S. military have attained great accomplishments. On March 20, 2019, Trump announced the United States military had eliminated 100% of the ISIS caliphate in the Middle East. Before he took office, defeating ISIS seemed almost impossible. Now, after taking direction from America’s finest generals and top military personnel, the Trump administration has officially cut the head off of ISIS.

On the Korean peninsula, Trump is putting maximum pressure on North Korea to denuclearize by raising economic sanctions. From the start, the plan of the Trump administration was to cripple North Korea’s economy to bring them to the negotiating table. Many times, he mentioned the great economic potential for the North Korean people once they gave up their nuclear weapons and sanctions were lifted. There is no question that he has strengthened the relationships between North Korea and South Korea. 

During the 2018 winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, the two bickering countries unified as one state. To further capitalize on this news, Trump got the two countries to discuss non-proliferation agreements and managed to get the two countries to consent to a peace treaty, single-handedly ending the Korean War. It is recorded that the South Korean leader, President Moon Jae-In said that President Trump deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize due to his accomplishments on the Korean Peninsula. We should give our president great credit for being the first American president to personally meet with North Korea’s leader and to further ensure peace for people around the world.

Trump is also controlling nuclear proliferation in Iran. In May 2018, he removed the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Deal, and for good reason. The past administration agreed to a terrible deal in which the U.S. gave the Iranians billions of dollars in exchange for a delay in their nuclear weapons program. The Iran nuclear deal didn’t go far enough to limit the country’s ability to develop nuclear weapons. Because of the bold action on the world stage by Trump, America is now respected again among world leaders and will not tolerate any more military or economic deals that disadvantage the United States.

President Trump is bringing back American superiority in the world. He deserves a lot praise for his great work as president so far. Instead, political leaders on the far left are calling for his impeachment. This illegal, invalid and unconstitutional impeachment inquiry is a pathetic move by congressional Democrats, and they will not succeed. 
Because of the great accomplishments made by Trump, the Democrats know they cannot legitimately win the White House in 2020. They are trying, with the little power they have, to illegally take away America’s choice for president. We the people will not stand for this bitter treatment against our great president and it will show at the ballot box in 2020. 
Trump has ensured safety for immigrants and security officials at the southern border, taken ISIS off the map, employed millions of people and brought tremendous wealth into our U.S. treasury. These actions do not call for impeachment. These actions call for overwhelming support in the next election cycle and our president deserves a big “thank you” for doing all of this for free. 
While not being compensated for his work as president, Mr. Trump is losing billions of dollars in his private company. People distance themselves from the Trump brand due to political reasons. In addition, our great president self-funds his campaign, refusing money from lobbyists and special interest groups, because his only interest is in the American people. This is extremely rare and we will probably never see this kind of patriotism and nobility ever again in American politics.
Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for making us safe again. Thank you for making us strong again. Thank you for making us wealthy again. Thank you for making America great again.