What not to eat: First date edition

We all love food, and for good reason — there is something for everyone. However, there is a time and place for everything, even our beloved food. 

Imagine this scenario. You crush asked you out and it was finally time for the date. You picked out the perfect outfit and gave yourself the greatest pep talk in all the land in preparation for the evening. You get to the restaurant and realize there is one thing you forgot to think about… what to order! Thanks to your fellow Hawks, we have come up with a list of meals you should second guess before ordering on a first date.

Spaghetti: As much as you think you can do it all “fancy” with a fork and knife, you will end up slurping it and it will be unattractive.

Food with a lot of garlic or onion: If you want anything at all to happen after your date, avoid these foods at all costs. 

Ribs and chicken wings: It may be your favorite food, but this may not be the time or place to get sauce all over yourself and feel the need to lick each individual finger at a time. It may be sexy in the bedroom but probably not on a first date.

Seafood: Eating smelly lobster or crab legs? Think about the juice squirting everywhere as little pieces of shells are flying through the air. 

Salad: You don’t want to show off your glowing smile with a big piece of lettuce stuck in between your two front teeth. 

Super spicy foods: Picture this you are sitting across from your date with sweat and tears running down your face. 

Before ordering these meals, think to yourself, should I eat this as I’m sitting across from a beautiful human or should I just wait to get my salad tossed until later? My tips aside, you should honestly eat what makes your heart and tummy happy! In the words of a very intelligent individual: “I’m a strong, independent woman who wants wings on the first date.”


Racy Stacy