President Miaoulis changes pet policy: Campus just got a little more furry

President Miaoulis loves to bring his dog Fletcher to campus. They are pictured here at  the 2019 Involvement Fair

Four legged friends are welcome to explore campus as of Oct. 23, when President Miaoulis sent out an all-university email explaining revisions to the pet policy.

To be a part of the “Dogs in the Workplace Pilot Program,” employees must get permission from their supervisor along with vaccinations, a license, insurance and filled out liability forms. They are then are allowed to have their dog in the office or a shared workspace, as long as they have a sign there that says is one present.

Miaoulis plans to treat this as a trial and as long as all goes well, the policy revision is planned to stay. With this, the President hopes to make the campus more welcoming, while understanding the concerns that come along with this process.

“It depends how responsible the dog owner is,” Miaoulis said. “People are allergic to dogs and we still have to be sensitive for their needs. For some people they don’t like them, which I can’t imagine because I am a dog lover.”

Miaoulis hopes this does not change relationships between faculty members and students with allergies, which will be accounted for throughout the trial period.

Although allowed in workspaces and offices, there are certain areas where their paws cannot step into. Some of these places include residence halls, dining halls, indoor athletic facilities or university vehicles.

Employees’ dogs must also be at least 12 months or older, have current vaccines, be parasite-free, fixed, healthy and licensed. Although visitors with furry friends do not need to go by these regulations, they are advised to clean up after their dog to keep campus clean.

This policy change came right in time for midterms, with some stress-coping hugs, pets and kisses.

“Personally, I would love to have my professor bring their dog to my class,” sophomore Ava Wilkens said. “It would definitely put me in a better mood.” 

Some students, on the other hand, do not think it would be as beneficial. 

“I sees students bringing their pets over, but I do not see the necessity for employees to bring their pets to work,” freshman Mizael Mendez said.

This is only a small step in the direction toward a big goal the President has for the future of campus. 

“Who knows? Maybe someday we will have a dorm that allows dogs,” Miaoulis said.