Blast to the Past: Reminisce on trends from the 2000s

Webkinz and Silly Bandz were both popular trends in the 2000s.

Veronica Rodriguez, Herald Contributor

How many of you remember trends from our childhood? Is there a particular one that first comes to mind? These trends are not only limited to fashion. They also encompass the games and other items that took over most of our lives growing up. 

In the realm of fashion, low rise jeans were in style as well as different patterns of camouflage. Due to Avril Lavigne’s rise in fame and immense popularity, more tomboy and street style clothes were also in style. Layering tank tops cannot be forgotten, along with the chunky highlights that everyone seemed to be enamored with. 

Freshman Kam Kiefer remembers past trends all too well. 

“Oh, where to start. There was the frosted tips, jean jackets, those whale tails and Justin Bieber. Why did everyone like him? He had a bowl cut,” Kiefer said. 

As for accessories, one item that will surely remind everyone of their young selves is Silly Bandz. It seems like such a long time ago when all of us were huddled together, admiring and often times exchanging Silly Bandz with each other during school. Likewise, jelly wristbands and bracelets were also immensely popular. Seeing kids’ arms covered with them was not uncommon. 

Chokers, which have recently made a resurgence, first gained traction in the early 2000s, along with dog tag necklaces. Dog tag necklaces were largely influenced by the military and would also explain the infatuation with camouflage. 

Moving onto video games, Webkinz, Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin were the craze of every child. These were the types of online games where the objective was to take care of other beings, only to eventually forget about them or end up making multiple accounts because you could not remember your passwords. 

One trend that has remained constant over the years is Elf on the Shelf. 

“I remember being really excited as a kid, waking up each morning finding him in a different spot,” said freshman Katie Menendez.

Between Bakugan, the Nintendo DS, Matchbox Cars, Polly Pockets and Crocs, reminiscing on childhood trends usually reveals fond memories of playing and being with friends. Whether we still secretly have some of these toys or have given them away, it’s hard to forget the impact they have had on our lives.