First-year students prepare for the first long break

Bon Appetit makes homemade pies and side dishes for students to bring home for Thanksgiving. They are a hit on campus and can be paid for with student IDs. Pies usually cost between $10-12. This is an apple pie from last year that was enjoyed by Professor Janine Weisman and her family. 

For many students, it has been weeks since they have been home last. Around this time, they are starting to get eager and are ready to go home for the holidays. Thanksgiving break is slowly but surely approaching. The holiday alone is very special, but coming home after seven or more weeks makes it even more significant.

 Being away from home for so long, many students will come home to spend it surrounded by family and food — now that’s something to be grateful for. As the last week of school approaches before Thanksgiving, students around campus have been discussing their travel plans, where they are planning on going and the foods their families are going to eat. It makes the holiday more exciting and going home that much more special.

 For most first-year students especially, this first break holds significant value. Being wrapped in the arms of family, smelling the turkey in the oven and sitting at a table next to cousins sounds so good right now. All college kids will be asked how school is going, what their grades are and of course, grandma will ask, “any boyfriends or girlfriends?”

 “I’ve never been more ready for Thanksgiving than [I am] this year. I am so excited to be surrounded by family, friends and food. A break from school is definitely much needed right now,” freshman Hannah Connel said.

 The arrival of Thanksgiving break also means winter break is right around the corner. These breaks can push students to keep going, maintain their grades and know they have something to look forward to. Being homesick is normal, but going home cures that instantly. 

“I’m amped. I can’t wait for the food and to sleep in my own bed at home,” freshman Matt Leary said.

Thanksgiving for college kids is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — it is truly magical. It hits different for most students when they are home, with their own bed, normal food and quality time with family and friends. Not to mention, they get to enjoy the feast being prepared and eaten. Thanksgiving break is coming and the students here cannot wait to be home at last.