Stress less during finals: Holiday edition

Kayla Ivan, Herald Contributor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… ish. Before truly embracing the warmth and cheer of the holiday season, there is a mountain ahead of us that has to be conquered first: finals.  

Don’t fret! Finals week, as daunting as it seems, can be beat with a lot of caffeine and these four helpful tips:

1. Eat well

As enticing as cookies and sweets look right now, those empty calories are actually working against you while studying for finals. Although eating them in moderation is a great detox, try to limit your daily intake and eat healthier options, such as green vegetables and fruits.

2. Exercise

After studying for hours on end in the library, it’s not shocking to feel antsy and ready to move. Try letting out that extra energy burst at the gym or even outside (weather permitting). Running on the treadmill or climbing the StairMaster releases endorphins, which will help you focus and study better after your workout. 

Attending a guided group fitness class is a fun alternative as well, with options such as dance fitness, gentle stretch and spin. Times for these classes can be found on the RWU website’s Recreation and Fitness page.

3. Sleep

Catching some z’s during finals sounds like a lofty goal considering the work overload. During this all-important time, however, it is crucial to remember to sleep (even if only for a few cycles a night). Sleep will help you maintain concentration and improve your quality of studying. It is never great to cram and pull an all-nighter. However, if one is needed, try to set aside time for a nap in order to get the rest your body needs to keep going.

4. Take a break and relax

With snow and hot cocoa in abundance, it is very important to relax during this stressful time of the year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another seasonal holiday, take some time to remember the holiday and truly enjoy it. 

Watching Christmas movies can provide comfort and warmth that radiates from the screen to your heart. Classics such as “Elf,” “The Polar Express,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “A Christmas Story” are fun movies to watch over and over again. 

Listening to holiday music fares well when detoxing from all the stress of school. Blast all your favorites loud and proud! (But maybe only from your headphones to be mindful of quiet hours)

During the season of giving, taking care of yourself is essential for mental wellness and your overall happiness. Remember to eat well, exercise, find time for rest and enjoy the holiday season for all it is.