Classic holiday movies to watch this season

As we enter December, it is time to press play and get ready for Christmas movie marathons. 

There are over 1,000 holiday films to choose from, but what better movies are there to watch other than the ones that send us back to our youth? Back to when we all snuggled in front of the TV drinking hot cocoa while counting down the days to Christmas. 

A popular first choice is “Elf.” This movie tells the story of what happens when Buddy, a man who was raised in the North Pole due to an accidental transportation, leaves the North Pole in search of his real father. Buddy always felt like he did not fit in with the other elves at the North Pole and takes it upon himself to find the place where he belongs. 

“The Santa Clause” movie, which is part of a trilogy, is a classic staple around Christmas time. It tells the story of a man named Scott Calvin who has gotten custody of his son for Christmas Eve. During the night, Calvin encounters a man up on his roof in a Santa suit. The man ends up falling off the roof and his body disappears, leaving only the Santa suit behind. Realizing this was the real Santa and he is now gone, Calvin must take on the role of Santa Clause. How will Calvin, a reserved businessman, react to this sudden change in his life? How will it affect those around him? These are questions that can only be answered by watching the movie. 

The animated film “Frosty the Snowman” features our favorite snowman telling his tale on how a magic hat brought him to life. The hat originally belonged to a magician named Professor Hinkle and he does everything in his power to get it back from Frosty. Along with the problem of being chased by Hinkle, Frosty is forced to pay attention to the changes in weather. When the outside temperature rises, several of the children who built Frosty try to find a place to take him before he melts. 

Finishing our list of nostalgia-inducing Christmas movies is the 1993 movie adaptation of “The Nutcracker.” A girl named Marie Cohen awakens to a world where toys and mice have grown larger and the rodent ruler frequently tries to torment her. Luckily for Cohen, she has the Nutcracker Prince on her side, who protects her from the fearsome rodent. This all may be part of a dream or reality, but that is up for the audience to decide.

As more Christmas movies are created each year, it is nice to go back to the classics and relive the twists and turns of every plot. Whether you choose to watch some of the movies listed here or other family favorites, it never hurts to snuggle under a blanket with hot cocoa and cookies to simply enjoy the holidays.