Pod-casting yourself into a new year

Rachel Dvareckas, Features Editor

Heading to the gym, driving to school or simply logging into Spotify while you take a break and chill out? Hold off on going straight to your Daily Mix or replaying that new song you heard this morning. Think about checking out a podcast instead.

 Podcasts have become a popular form of media in recent years. People are listening to many different podcasts, with topics ranging from history to comedy to general culture. Listening to podcasts can be an entertaining way to learn more about the things people are interested in. Many are even creating their own brands based on specific interests.
True crime is a very popular genre of podcast, with hundreds of shows covering all kinds of true crime phenomena. One of the first podcasts in this genre that gained a lot of attention is “Serial.” “Serial” is investigative journalism that looks into criminal justice cases. “My Favorite Murder” is another popular option, which covers true crime events in a humorous way.  
“Last Podcast on the Left” is a well-known true crime and paranormal podcast that contains researched episodes on topics like serial killers, aliens and cults, all presented in a comical way. It is a part of Last Podcast Network, which includes podcasts from different genres. There is an entertainment podcast, and some based on politics, nerd culture and music history. 

News podcasts function as a great way to learn about what is going on in the world. The New York Times has a show called “The Daily,” which covers the important topics of each day in thirty-minute episodes. An episode is uploaded every day.

 National Public Radio (NPR) has a variety of shows, mostly dealing with news and politics to keep people informed. “Left, Right and Center” is another option that looks into political topics from different perspectives. With many podcasts for different political ideologies, there are a lot to choose from. 
“I can’t read a book with my course load, but I can listen to a podcast about the book topic and still have a good time,” said sophomore Cato Davidson said. “I also like history podcasts in general because history is better when it’s not just a textbook.”
This semester, a special topics journalism course called Podcasting (JOUR.430) is running. Students in this class will have the chance to create their own podcasts and utilize a podcast lab in Global Heritage Hall. If you’re interested in a course like this, keep an eye out for it in the future.
Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. The ability for students to learn more about conducting them can be a fun and educational way for people to share things they are passionate about or interested in.