Constructing the future

RWU’s very own Habitat for Humanity crew was able to feel the warmth over the cold winter break. These students traveled to Charlotte, N.C. to work on a house with the help of community volunteers.
During their trip, students worked on a warehouse that sells refurbished/repaired donated furniture, appliances, books, houseware and other items. The Habitat for Humanity group also met up with the family from the build last year, who many students had kept in touch with.
“I had the time of my life! We are lucky enough as a chapter at RWU to be able to work with Charlotte directly. We have actually been going down there for the past six years,” said senior and Vice President of Habitat for Humanity Bridgette Liautaud.
“They are an amazing organization and inspiring people to work with.”
The group helped bring furniture onto the floor and into the back of cars, helped people check out and made sure everything was stored away properly. Everyone was kept busy because new things constantly came in and out of the site, along with things being sold. All of the money earned goes directly back into the building process for new homes.
All group members had experience with building before, impressing the site supervisor and her helpers. 
“We literally started with nothing and worked from the ground up,” Liataud said. “It’s unbelievable seeing the progress that you have made from the start to the end of the week.”
Liataud also expressed that volunteering with Habitat for Humanity was one of the most amazing experiences she has ever had. She encouraged everyone to volunteer if they can and said they will not regret it.