“Cutting edge” cardio machines installed in gym

TITLE: “Cutting edge” cardio machines installed in gym

50 new cardio machines greeted students returning to their workout routines this semester. The machines have many more capabilities compared to the old ones.

“It does so much more than the [old machines],” said Kiki Jacobs, Director of Athletics. “The other ones were starting to break down.”

Most of the new machines, including the stairclimbers, treadmills, ellipticals and Arc Trainers, have large screens attached to them. Users can access streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube, log into their Spotify or Pandora accounts, and even play a game of sudoku. There are also predesigned courses loaded onto the machine, which feature various scenic routes. 

Along with these machines came a batch of new cycling bikes, which allow users to adjust settings via a gear.

The cardio equipment is leased from Life Fitness. According to Jacobs, the lease was up on the old equipment. The new machines were installed right before students began to move in for the semester.

“We tried to get it done before students came back for the semester,” Jacobs said. “The first day they were installed and operational, rave reviews.”

Although most of the machines were ready for use after installation, the Arc Trainers were still down as of 2 p.m. on Jan. 29.

Assistant Athletic Director for Club Sports and Fitness Mark Andreozzi said the trainers are down while Facilities installs new outlets for these machines. 

The Athletic Department says around 550 people come in on an average day during the week.   

“The response I’ve gotten from my staff is that a lot of people love [the new machines],” Andreozzi said. “It’s cutting edge.”

He said the equipment gets students into the gym and helps them stay focused on their fitness goals. 

“We’re getting people in here. This is more of a draw. [The machines] will help people stick to their workout routines more.”

According to him, people are more likely to continue working out if they’re easily able to watch videos or listen to music. 

Junior Maddie Malieswski said she is a fan of the new machines. 

“I think they are more advanced and high tech. You can do a variety of things on them that you couldn’t do before.”