The friends we keep

The beginning of a new semester brings fresh faces, new classes and the start of something new. Most people have formed solid friendships by this point in the year, but for some people, this is not the case.
For those who have not found “their people” yet, it is okay. Many true friendships form freshman year but others are forced upon students, whether it be a neighbor, an in-class friend or a friend of a friend. Some might start to believe that these people are who they belong with, but as time goes on it becomes clear.
They are not your lifelong friends. 
“I believe that I just haven’t found a lot of people I click with. Yes, I have people I wave to and say hi to on campus but I am still waiting for my lifelong friends to come into my life,” freshman Hannah Connell said.
She thinks those friendships start to form when freshmen become sophomores and sophomores become juniors. It can be hard for many first-year students to make these types of friends so quickly.
For other people, like freshman Giovanni Cacciatore, strong friendships are already forming. It all depends on who meets who, at what time of the day or at what point during the semester.  
“I would say that I definitely have found some lifelong friends here. I can see more in the future for sure,” Cacciatore said. 
For those reading this, just know there are people out there who still have not connected with others. It truly is okay. The next three years are waiting and more friendships are bound to happen. The key to great friendships is to be patient — wait for that person to come into your life because it will happen in time.
Follow your gut, be patient and have an open mind with everyone who communicates with you. It’s okay to focus on school, health and family. Most people do their own thing anyway.