Term limits for Congress might be the way to go

Our government is broken. There is no question about it. The United States government may seem like it is functioning, but it is not doing so in the interest of the people. Since the government is not performing its primary duty, something must be done to fix it.  

One of the highest governing bodies in the land is Congress. Between the House and the Senate, they control all the laws that are not handled by the individual states. In some cases, they impose their will upon the states by wielding their power of funding, otherwise known as the power of the purse.  

There is no one solution that could possibly solve all the problems within both houses of Congress, but there is a way to start. I believe members of Congress should be subjected to term limits just like the president is. According to the official White House website, members of the House serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year. On the other hand, senators serve six-year terms and reelections are staggered such that one-third are up for reelection at any given time. I don’t seek to change these processes. However, what does need to change is the amount of times any of these members of Congress can be reelected.  

Simply, I believe they should be given the same treatment as the president and only be allowed to serve two of those terms, whether it be consecutively or broken up. This would solve many of the problems we see in current day politics. There would be a lot less one-sided incumbent favored races, and even when an incumbent is running, that is the last term they are going to serve anyway. As it stands, members of the House and Senate are mostly made up of career politicians, oftentimes winning election after election with little to no opposition, and this goes for both dominant parties. This allows powerful groups and cliques to form in both houses of Congress, which can completely overpower the few who may be trying to change something.  

Powerful politicians are those who have been in power for decades and have connections everywhere that they can pull in order to enforce their wills. With their time limited, anyone’s ability to do this would be strongly curtailed and the motivation to do this may even be lessened.  

Additionally, term limits would reduce the power of lobbyists. Many of our politicians are essentially bought by large corporations and only act to enforce their will. So when their time is limited, even if a corporation owns a politician, it can only last so long before fresh blood comes in. Will there still be corruption and issues with Congress even if this law is instated? Of course. Such is the nature of human beings in power, but this does allow for much faster turnover in government and will reduce the number of inner circles that push out those who are new to the stage.  

There should be no such thing as “the old guard.” Instead, there should be politicians with one more term at most ahead of them, which should hopefully compel them to get things done, make their mark and make progress instead of killing time. With term limits imposed on Congress, we would truly be one step closer to a government that is by the people, for the people.