A smart and simple way to get out of an uncomfortable situation

Brandpoint (BPT)

(BPT) – It can be an all-too-familiar scenario: A situation turns uncomfortable whether it’s a social engagement, a business encounter or a routine interaction and the options for an exit seem awkward or intimidating. In fact, a new survey conducted by Flare finds that 58% of women regularly feel pressured to go along with an uncomfortable situation.

No matter the circumstances, there can be a variety of factors at play that contribute to what feels like a lack of exit options. According to the research, some of the most common reasons women report staying in iffy situations include:

  • Not wanting to make a scene or over-react (59%)
  • Being unsure how to get out of the situation (49%)
  • Not wanting to negatively impact the relationship (45%)

To help women everywhere find that much-needed exit strategy, Flare is a discreet smart bracelet and mobile app with personalized options providing an easy out in an uncomfortable situation, before things escalate. Wearers can discreetly press the hidden button on the bracelet to text pre-selected friends or get a phone call, and that’s the signal to leave. It’s that simple.

Backed by research and developed by sexual assault survivors, Flare is on a mission to break stereotypes and redefine personal safety by providing a platform of solutions for the real world. Responding to that overly familiar uncomfortable situation, the goal is to eliminate compromise and empower confidence through a stylish and easy-to-use accessory that serves as a seamless addition to one’s daily routine.

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