Demi Lovato returns to the Grammy’s stage

Demi Lovato took the stage for the first time in almost two years at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards on Jan 26. This was the first time the world has heard her perform live since her overdose in 2018. 

The last time fans got music from Lovato was in 2018, when she released her song “Sober.” In the lyrics, the singer confessed to the world she had relapsed after six years of sobriety. 

“I’m sorry that I’m here again/I promise I’ll get help/It wasn’t my intention/I’m sorry to myself,” Lovato admits in the song. 

Just one month after its release, the singer found herself in a treatment center after a suspected overdose. After receiving help for her issues, Lovato assured fans she needed time to heal and focus on the road to recovery. She promised fans she would return to music when she was on the other side of her addictions.

The world hadn’t heard much from Lovato until she announced her musical comeback at the 2020 Grammy Awards show. The new song she performed was called “Anyone” and it was special because Lovato wrote and recorded it four days before her overdose. 

Lovato explained that “Anyone” was like a cry for help when she recorded it. She recalled being in the hospital recovering from what happened and explained that if she got the chance to return to music, she wanted to sing that song. “Anyone” represented the headspace Lovato was in during the days before her near fatal accident. Listening to the song, it’s easy to believe that someone in that kind of headspace created it. 

The song discusses a variety of topics, with the beginning of the song reflecting on how Lovato couldn’t find any relief through outlets she loved like music.

“I tried to talk to my piano, I tried to talk to my guitar,” Lovato said. 

Lovato went on to sing of how she felt stupid when she prayed and questioned her faith. One of the sad but true messages of the song was that Lovato felt her openness had gotten her nowhere with her addictions. She also hinted that her fans, friends, family, God and music itself were not resourceful enough for her in her time of need. 

In the chorus of the song, Lovato pleads for help. She belts out the lyrics, asking if there is anyone out there who can save her from her addictions and depression. Although the song has a message of hopelessness in it, hearing it sung now with a year and a half of sobriety under her belt turns it into a song of hope. 

Moments after the pianist began playing the song at the Grammys, Lovato had to restart it. She was unable to get the opening notes out due to being overwhelmed with emotion. After taking a deep breath, with a single tear streaming down her face, she was ready to show the world she came back stronger than ever. 

After her performance, Lovato’s song went number one on the iTunes Charts. A week after the Grammys, Lovato traded in the stage for a football field and sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV — a performance that she manifested just under 10 years ago. 2020 is set to become Lovato’s year, and with the hope of a new album on the way, it might just be her most honest year yet.