Romantic movies with Ian and Adam

If you’re looking for something to do with someone special on Valentine’s Day, or if you’re spending the day loving yourself, a movie is definitely the way to go. 

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

Showcased in 2003, this movie is all about a romance that develops in a way no one saw coming. An advice writer addresses the topic of what women do to drive men away and she calls it ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.’ She tests it for herself but ends up choosing a guy who thinks he can make any girl fall in love with him in just 10 days. Their plans don’t go the way they expected, and a potential romance may occur.

“Five Feet Apart” 

Coming out recently in 2019, “Five Feet Apart” is a love story about a teenager suffering from cystic fibrosis. Living in a hospital for most of her life has led Stella to follow a daily routine, until she meets a handsome teenager named Will who suffers from the same illness. The two must learn to live a life of love while dealing with a condition that forces them to always be six feet apart from anyone else with the same illness.

“La La Land”

“La La Land,” which premiered in 2016, is a modern take on classic Hollywood romances. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in this musical, which is filled with elaborate dance sequences and a relationship that goes back and forth. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

“The Big Sick”

In 2017, comedian Kumail Nanjiani brought his real-life love story to the big screen in “The Big Sick.” In this unconventional romantic comedy, Nanjiani cares for a woman in a coma after their relationship has a falling out. The main character befriends her parents and falls for her even more in the process.

“Call Me by Your Name”

Released in 2017, “Call Me by Your Name” features a young man spending the summer of ’83 in Italy with his family. The movie takes a romantic turn when he meets a doctoral student who is working as his father’s intern. The two discover a chemistry which leads to a blooming romance.

“The Shape of Water”

“The Shape of Water” is a beautifully made film that came out in 2017. It takes a strange concept and turns it into an extremely believable and lovely romance, with a thriller strung throughout the plot. The main character finds herself falling in love with a humanoid fish creature. It sounds crazy, but it works. 

“The Princess Bride”

“The Princess Bride,” which premiered in 1987, is the quintessential romantic comedy film. Buttercup thinks her lover Westley is dead and is thus forced to marry Prince Humperdinck. When Westley escapes the men who captured him, he tries finding his way back to Buttercup. There are probably many quotes you hear regularly from this movie since so much of it is iconic. It is a grand medieval adventure of comedy, action and love. 

“Dirty Dancing”

Also hailing from 1987 is one of the late, great films: Patrick Swayze’s “Dirty Dancing.” Emphasis on the dirty… this movie has some famously provocative dancing that emphasizes the romance between the two main characters. There’s a massive amount of romantic energy being emitted throughout the movie, albeit maybe a little too much. 


“Footloose,” which came out in 1984, gives its audience a tragic romance as two teens are separated by the only thing that makes them happy… dancing. In this small town, dancing is outlawed since the parents are strict and believe it is sinful behavior. Kevin Bacon, however, refuses to listen to the adults and gets other kids to join his cause. You’ve definitely heard the song, and now it’s time to get footloose and in the romantic mood with this movie. 


If you’re looking for something a little different, try watching “Terminator.” Many people don’t know this, but “Terminator” is the ultimate love story. Released in 1984, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese become lovers across time. Not even the fact that they’re born in wildly different decades can keep them from being destined to be with each other. You’ll get an amazing science fiction film, a somber love story and some outstanding special effects.