Valentine’s Day date guide

The weather might be cold but the love is warm as Valentine’s Day approaches. For those who have yet to plan a nice day or night with their significant other, check out these ideas! 


Arcade: If a night on the town doesn’t seem like the right mood for you and your beau, try an arcade. Ryan Family Amusements is one located in Newport. Spend the night winning jackpots with the one you hit the jackpot with. Maybe at the end of the night, you’ll get lucky… and take home a nice prize. 

Fast food fiasco: You’re a college student — a fancy dinner with views of the water may be out of the budget, but that doesn’t mean a nice dinner is out of the question. Give you and your boo a variety of options and take a few trips to different fast food joints. No need to miss out on the water views, go through a few drive-thrus and take a trip to a parking lot near the water. 


Thrifting: For a fun activity during the day, take the mate and go around to different thrift stores and antique shops. There is always something new to see at second-hand stores. You never know what you may find and it is sure to create unforgettable memories. 


Watch the sunset: RWU is located in a wonderful area with lots of places to view the sunset. Take a trip to Colt State Park. Arrive 45 minutes before the sunset to see all the colors dance across the sky. This also provides a great opportunity for cheesy pick-up lines, like “she thought the sunset was pretty but I thought she was prettier.”

Go ice skating: Take a trip to an ice skating rink, indoor or outdoor, grab some skates and get out there. If one partner knows how to skate, it will be a fun activity to teach the other how to do so. If both don’t know, help each other while laughing off the mistakes. 


Paint ceramics: Take a trip to a pottery studio and paint a ceramic item. Places like Clayground in East Greenwich and Art by You at Weirdgirl Creations Pottery Studio in Barrington offer ceramic items to be painted and then fired. Make it extra special and pick a ceramic item to make specially for your S.O. 


Spa night in: No need to even leave the dorm: grab some mud masks, soak your feet and have a relaxing night in with your bae. Take the time to forget about school work and just live in the moment between the two of you. To add some pizazz, build a fort together and watch some movies while the face masks do their magic.