The Do’s and Don’ts of V-Day

Feb. 14, the time of year where couples act like everything in their relationship is perfect. When fights are replaced with chocolates and tension is replaced with roses, where boyfriends can be cute without their “bros” making fun of them and girlfriends can ditch the “hoes before bros” motto. 

It’s nice, thinking for a full 24 hours that your relationship is far more perfect than it really is. News flash! Your significant other will go back to being the same partner they were on Feb. 15: full of disappointments. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t go over the top this holiday, because you would hate to create a higher standard for yourself after V-Day is over.

1. If you’re not dating, don’t have sex… unless you’re planning on popping the dating question. This holiday is for relationships, not for friends with benefits.

2. Don’t buy the heart shaped boxes from Walmart, even if it’s the biggest box you have ever seen. This chocolate tastes like plastic and in this case, bigger is not better.

3. Teddy bears. By this point, your significant other has probably received one from a past relationship in high school. You’re not special.

4. Don’t make any promises. Love is toxic on the 14th and once you get out of the spell by the next day, you’ll regret whatever you said.

5. Never expect to get what you give. You may have gone all out this Valentine’s Day with their favorite candy, flowers and reservations to their favorite dinner place. Not to be too cynical, but don’t expect the same back — you probably have a nice card from the dollar store coming your way.

6. Reservations at the nicest place in town. We all know you’re a college student on a low budget and will never be able to offer the three-course meal again. Well, unless it’s on Valentine’s Day of 2021.

7. If you’re single, I know couples can be gross, but don’t comment in disgust. They are happy and one of these V-Days you will be too. 

Here are some tips that you probably shouldn’t act on, but I highly recommend you do: eat your feelings, buy yourself your own flowers and drink that bottle of wine (if you’re 21+).

Don’t be alone this Valentine’s Day. Spend it with friends or family. Love is more than just being in a relationship — it’s about being surrounded by those who appreciate you as much as you appreciate them.

But for those dumb cute couples on campus, just remember to use protection to prevent STIs and unplanned pregnancies. Is that too much to ask for? 


Racy Stacy