Campus Oscar night is a hit

Grabbing a ballot, some sparkling cider and a front seat to the Oscars started a night of fun with the Film Production Collaborative (FPC) and Campus Entertainment Network (CEN) on Feb. 9.

The event, hosted in GHH G01, brought a room full of students together to watch the 2020 Oscars. Before the awards show began at 8 p.m., ballots were handed out and students were given the opportunity to check off their guesses for the winner of each category. The ballots were collected and students crossed their fingers for correct guesses — whoever had the most correct answers on their ballot would walk away with the prize of a movie pass and snacks. 

“Being able to put on the Oscars is great. It gives us the ability to share film with the students,” said FPC Vice President Joe Brown.

 The night wouldn’t live up to its name without snacks. Corndogs, soft pretzels, candy, and popcorn emphasized the movie mood. Students could also have their own red carpet photo op in the GHH Atrium, with a specialized backdrop from CEN.
A red carpet event wouldn’t be complete without a special guest or two. At 9 p.m., RWU campus superstar Fletcher made a grand entrance with President Miaoulis, making a great night even greater. 
Attendees laughed and cheered when their choice nominees won in different categories. Everyone seemed entertained from the beginning of the show, reacting well to Janelle Monáe’s musical number and a humorous and politically driven monologue given by Steve Martin and Chris Rock.
“I wanted to support my friends, but also because ever since I was little, I aspired to win an Oscar, so I guess watching it makes me think that I’m there. I really love this event,” sophomore Nicole Czarnowski said. “It makes you feel like you are actually there with the red carpet. Also, the snacks were a nice movie theater touch that really get you in the spirit.”