COVID-19 updates

The Hawks’ Herald will update this page regularly with updates about COVID-19 and how RWU plans to respond. Students can also find updates at the website created by the university

March 13

Retrieving Items

Students who filled out the essential item retrieval form will have access to their residence hall rooms on Sunday, March 15 and Monday, March 16 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. to grab essential belongings. During a meeting with faculty and staff today, a university official said over 1,000 students are expected to come to campus during this time frame on Sunday. Staff from Student Life and Public Safety will be in the residence halls. 

Campus Jobs

Students such as tour guides and mail room workers who worked over spring break can still work next week and for the following weeks. This is because the school knows they did not travel outside of R.I. 

Staff Jobs

Dining hall and shuttle staff drivers are getting paid through next week. Decisions are still being made for pay after that. 

Provost Search 

Interviews with the semi-finalists have been moved from an in-person interview to a Skype or Zoom format. 


Other Updates

There will be a questionnaire for students to fill out if they went away for spring break in the coming week.

An email on internships will be coming out early next week.