How to be successful at home

Being at home can put a damper on your coursework while classes are online. Here are some tips to make sure you are successful in a virtual classroom:

  1. Find a quiet workplace. Try not to work in your bed because it can hinder your ability to sleep there in the future because you will associate classwork with your sleep space. Find somewhere away from others where you can work quietly without being interrupted. 

  2. Keep a routine. Although you are home, try to follow a set schedule to maximize your working time. A planner is a great way to keep a schedule.

  3. Give yourself breaks. You do not want to burn yourself out with work. Allow for breaks once a while to walk around, eat a snack and drink some water. 

  4. Don’t procrastinate. Get your work done in a timely manner. Try to set some goals for yourself with rewards to get assignments done. For example, tell yourself if you finish an assignment you can take a break and eat a snack. 

  5. Turn your phone off. Keep distractions to a minimum by putting your phone away when doing classwork.