Breitbart Entertainment Editor speaks on campus: College Republicans host Jerome Hudson for “If you think the media hates you, Hollywood hates you more”

Approximately 50 students and members of the RWU and local community saw Jerome Hudson, a black conservative writer, in an event hosted by the College Republicans on March 4. The talk was titled: “If you think media hates you, Hollywood hates you more.”  

Hudson is the entertainment editor at Breitbart, a popular conservative news website. He has also written a book titled, “50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know.” This book includes 50 chapters on “the things Americans are not supposed to realize.” Many of the topics in the book were brought up at the event. 

Topics included alleged liberal bias on campuses, the disparity in abortion rates between races and celebrities talking about climate change. 

“He is a very good speaker,” said Connor Smith, a sophomore. “He can be advocating for the craziest policies, but he can make it sound good.” 

One of the topics discussed was racism in America today, which Hudson said is no longer a big problem.

“I didn’t agree with everything he said. I think racism is still a problem in America,” Smith said. “I think if you talk to other people, even black students on campus, they might have something different to say.”  

At the end of the event, a Q&A was held. “The questions that were asked were good,” Hudson said after the event. “I had hoped that some of the people in the back of the room who looked like they had questions asked questions.”

No protests or arguments occurred during the event, although a few people walked out for reasons unknown. 

Hudson said he was hoping more people came to protest. 

“I was actually disappointed there were no protesters,” Hudson said. “I was anticipating it, hoping for it.”

Junior Zach DeNuccio attended the event and shared his thoughts on the speaker.

“I thought it was very good. I think it’s good to get a black conservative for once. We usually get the perspective of a white male,” DeNuccio said.

DeNuccio thought the audience was also receptive.

“It’s good to let the kids know about it,” DeNuccio said.