Five ways to stay entertained in quarantine

Kayla Ivan, Herald Contributor

A staycation is something we have all likely dreamed about at one point or another. Now, with COVID-19 in our lives, we are being advised to stay inside and avoid the spread of germs in public places. When boredom strikes while practicing social distancing, here are five ways you can occupy your time and stay entertained:

Read a book

Although schoolwork may have consumed your time on campus, you may suddenly have more free time in your schedule back at home. One way to fill this free space is to read a book. Maybe you have a book or two on your “read later” list. Good news: while stuck inside, you can finally read them!

Watch a movie

Staying indoors with streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ calls for major movie days and nights. There is no better time to watch a movie you have been wanting to see for a while than right now! Try watching a film that is outside of your normal genre.


Binge-watching a new television series can also make for a fun and laid-back way to get out of the quarantine blues.

Pick up a new hobby (or rediscover an old one)

Are you bored sitting on your couch or in your bed watching movies all day? Another way to occupy your mind is by picking up a new hobby. Do you have any art materials from a younger sibling or from when you were younger? These could be perfect for crafts or drawing! This time inside calls for creative ways to occupy ourselves. Have you ever tried doing yoga? Or singing? A new hobby can be waiting for you to discover it.

Have any old hobbies that you haven’t thought about until now? Perhaps you have a guitar that you tried learning how to play years ago. Why not rediscover an old passion of yours while in isolation?



Although we are all stuck inside, there is no reason that we should be sitting on our couches watching TV the entire time. Take a break from your shows and get active. Exercising inside is easy! Check out Pinterest or YouTube for fitness inspiration while indoors. Maybe a 30-day fitness challenge is up your alley, or maybe you want to focus on new stretches to improve your flexibility. All in all, the internet will be able to cater to most of your needs.



Spring cleaning can be a productive and valuable way to spend your time while in quarantine. Reorganize your closet, your clothes or even your whole bedroom. You can even redecorate your room for the spring season! Use this time to bring order into your space.