Spring room inspiration for this season

Kayla Ivan, Herald Contributor

Warmer days are upon us as the spring season rolls in. Although you might be quarantining, this could be the perfect time for updating your room or home for the new season. In order to prepare for bright skies and the light breezes of spring, here are four simple ways you can update your space for the best room makeover possible:


Pastel colors are pretty, delicate and picture perfect for the spring season. According to GoodHousekeeping.com, there are several colors that are in for 2020. Some of these include blush pink, coral, bright blue and sky blue. These soft and light shades are sure to brighten up your space after the dark and dreary winter season. Bring some color back to your life by incorporating pastels into your updated room.


A simple and elegant way to liven up your room is to incorporate neutrals such as white or taupe in order to create a classic spring look within your space. Blending pastels with neutrals will ensure a balance of colors and basics that will make your room come to life after a winter in hibernation.

Bright Features

One easy way to prepare your room for the light and breezy season is to add in bright features wherever you can. Pops of color like yellow or pink can help create a fun and young vibe in any space you are decorating. While inside your house, take this time to create a DIY project. Pinterest is a great app for inspiration, especially for spring decoration ideas. Getting crafty while socially distancing yourself can occupy your time in a fun and productive way!


Do you have decorations for furniture pieces from when you were 12 still lying around in your childhood bedroom? Or maybe you were given an old quilt that you aren’t sure what to do with? The best part about redecorating is thinking of new ways to spruce up your space with items you already have. Who knows, maybe that old quilt could make for an interesting wall tapestry! 

Onegreenplanet.org has a great article called “10 Easy Ways to Decorate Your House or Apartment Without Buying a Thing” which has some more ideas for redesigning your room for the spring season.

Now, if you have a backyard or woods near your house, collecting plants or branches can make for a unique, natural decoration to add to your lively space. After all, spring calls for flowers and nature to be in full bloom!

As you spend time indoors, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, make the most of your newfound free time by reimagining your room or house just in time for spring!