2020 is not turning out the way we envisioned

I think at this point, we can all agree that COVID-19 has really switched things up on us and left us reeling. I feel particularly bad for seniors right now; these next few months should be filled with spending time with friends, planning your next steps post-graduation and getting ready for graduation itself. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an actual, normal ceremony because walking across the stage is something so many students dream of. 

Despite the negative impacts Coronavirus has had on our country and the world, the actions being taken to cut down on the spread are commendable. I always used to think I wouldn’t mind having to stay in my house and not go back to school. I didn’t think I would mind an extra week of spring break and not having a job to go to while at home. Unfortunately, it turns out I’m more extroverted than I thought, and I don’t handle confinement and limited human interaction very well after a few days. I also enjoy my job and making money. This is a common theme I’m seeing among a lot of people my age. But even though I’m extremely annoyed at what is going on, I am so glad I’m not sick and I’m relieved at the measures being taken to protect people and prevent a more massive breakout of the virus.

We can only hope the guidelines the country is implementing will be effective and that we will see positive results soon so we can go back to normal. As many people have been saying, it’s better that we’re doing a lot now, as opposed to underestimating COVID-19 and regretting it down the road when our hospitals are overflowing and there aren’t enough resources or doctors to treat every patient. If we stay ahead of the virus, we will be in better shape than if we sat around and did nothing because of ignorance. 

So yes, I absolutely hate that hotspots around the world are now deserted, that restaurants and movie theaters are closed, that we can’t travel freely and without worry. I hate that we need to be distanced and that grocery stores are empty. But I would hate it more if my loved ones got sick. It’s also nice to think that during this time, we can be more creative. We can rediscover our passions; we can rediscover ourselves. We can choose to be productive or we can choose to lounge for the day if that makes us feel good. We can let the Earth breathe for a while too. She needs her rest. Maybe we’ll come out of this as stronger, better people, who are more resilient and able to get through whatever the universe decides to throw at us.