Quarantini=A drink you can enjoy while you can’t go anywhere

As we’re all stuck at home, we can take this time as an opportunity to put our bartender skills to the test. What even is a drink in quarantine if it doesn’t help boost that immune system? 

Those who are 21+ should try this recipe next time they need to take the edge off. Remember, you’re not doing the quarantine part of the martini right if you’re not drinking alone or with the same five people. 
Ingredients: 2 ounces of gin or vodka, an orange flavored Emergen-C packet, ice, orange, glass, cocktail shaker (optional) 
1. Put ice, alcohol of choice and almost all of the Emergen-C packet into shaker
2. Get shaking for 10-15 seconds! Stir with a spoon if a shaker is not an option 
3. Rim glass with juice from the orange
4. Rim glass with the rest of the Emergen-C packet
5. Pour contents into glass with rim
6. Add orange slice 
*If Emergen-C is not your go-to quarantini preference, substitute with orange juice to still get that vitamin C! 
*Please drink responsibly.