Clubs adjust in response to COVID-19

Gabriella Boretti, Herald Contributor

The ongoing pandemic has caused many deaths, universities have closed and millions of U.S. citizens have been left without jobs. When COVID-19 interrupted the spring semester, much of the student involvement that happens on campus came to an abrupt halt.

 “We have been discussing the idea of hosting online meetings so that we can continue to create ideas to raise money that we can donate,” said the executive board of RWU’s chapter of Colleges Against Cancer.. 

 “A lot of what we do as a club are in-person events so we are working now to be creative and find other outlets to continue our club involvement and efforts.”

 The executive board is currently trying to find unique ways to raise money for various cancer organizations while all of the group members are at home. 

 “Our final event is usually where we raise the most money for cancer organizations, however, it was unfortunately canceled,” the board said.

 The Ballroom Dance Club is also a hands-on group and is most effective when they meet in person. 

 “Our usual meetings consist of a local instructor coming in and teaching different styles of dance, which is hard to replicate virtually,” the Ballroom Dance Club e-board said. “The e-board is working on brainstorming ideas and has also invited our club members to do the same.” 

 The e-board is unsure what the rest of the semester will look like. The group stays hopeful and knows they all need to support the club and the members as best as they can. 

 “This is new and challenging for all of us,” the e-board said. 

 Students, professors and workers can only hope for the best in the future. Clubs will continue to grow online and connect with each other through email, Zoom and other online resources. Students are eager to get back on campus, start their clubs up again and continue their work when the fall 2020 semester starts.