Orgs are trying to adjust to online engagement

Clubs and orgs are a big part of student life on the RWU campus. With the switch to online learning, orgs are facing difficulties they could have never imagined. 

Students have moved off campus, but orgs are still working hard to make the most of the situation and keep students engaged, even when they are living at home. The Inter-Class Council (ICC) is one of the orgs that had to change its approach to the semester. 

Meetings are held virtually on Zoom and the org is still working hard, using platforms like Google Tools and Hawk Link.  


“With all of our events for the semester being canceled, we have begun brainstorming ideas to make next year a success,” said Chair of ICC Haley Watt. “We have also elected our new members and will continue training them to better prepare for next year.”


For other orgs, like Crossings Yearbook, switching to online has not been too difficult.

“Having a smaller staff has made it much easier to accomplish online engagement,” Editor-in-Chief Kayla Lombardi said. 

The yearbook staff is putting their creativity to the test when it comes to finding what to incorporate into this year’s yearbook, as major spring events have been canceled.


“We still want to make it the best we can for the class of 2020. The more seniors we have sending in photos and answering questions from our staff members, the better the book will be in the long run,” Lombardi said. 

Orgs are trying to learn as they go in terms of keeping RWU students engaged and figuring out different methods of doing so.

“Moving forward we are upping our social media presence on all platforms, trying to encourage the seniors to reach out to us with photos or fun ideas that they want to see in the book. After all, it is their book and we want to make it the best we can for them. It is definitely going to be a challenge but everyone on staff, including myself, is really confident in our abilities to pull it off,” Lombardi said.