Choosing the best battery-powered tools for spring yard projects

Choosing the best battery-powered tools for spring yard projects

(BPT) – This season, many people are looking forward to a popular pastime they can fully enjoy without ever leaving their property — namely, gardening and yardwork.

Not only can those time-honored activities spur creativity and produce visually pleasing results, but research shows they can be very effective in reducing stress — partly because they require us to focus on nature and our surrounding environments instead of ourselves.

If you’re seeking to create your own backyard sanctuary as the weather turns, you’re going to want tools that make the work as quiet, easy and efficient as possible. Fortunately, the latest battery-powered equipment on the market can step up to that challenge to make all your outdoor tasks more relaxing and enjoyable.

Smarter, lighter and greener

Designed to work smarter while adding less bulk, battery-powered tools can be much more powerful and efficient than their size might suggest. You’ll appreciate that they’re lighter and easier to operate than previous generations of equipment, and they’re more environmentally friendly than gas-powered models — both in emissions and noise pollution. That’s key in cities that address those issues through strict ordinances.

As you plan improvements to your yard this season, consider opting for these state-of-the-art tools that run entirely on battery power.

Spruce up your landscaping

To keep noise to a minimum while making your yard neater and tidier, Husqvarna’s eco-friendly battery-powered equipment line features a variety of easy-to-use trimmers, blowers and more. They’re easy to start, easy to run and cost-effective to operate compared to gas-powered models. For versatility, you can use the same 36-volt lithium-ion, high-performance battery interchangeably between all Husqvarna’s handheld tools, switching between the manufacturer’s string trimmer, hedge trimmer, blower and yes, chainsaws too without missing a beat. Even completely discharged, this strong battery takes as little as 35 minutes to charge to 80%.

Unsure which model you need? Consider a hedge trimmer if you have a lot of hedges, shrubs and bushes that need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. But if your trees and shrubs feature large, thick branches, a hedge cutter or chainsaw may be a wiser choice for your specific yard.

Effortlessly groom your lawn

To spend more time enjoying your yard than mowing it, choose a quiet, reliable mower that runs on its own power. A top-notch choice is the Husqvarna Automower®, which optimizes a user-friendly keypad, automatic sensors, theft protection features, and some models even have Amazon Alexa integration and can be controlled from a smartphone. You’ll get so much time back to spend with your family, furry friends or really whatever you like!

Its long-lasting batteries propel it around your yard, cutting a fine layer of grass at each pass by. This master machine can run quietly day or night, even in wet weather. And its powerful battery can be easily recharged within an hour to minimize interruptions to yardwork flow.

Blow your troubles away

When shopping for a leaf blower, you’ll want a lightweight, highly mobile model you can operate with ease without adding wear and tear to your body. The Husqvarna cordless leaf blower is ergonomically designed with a backpack battery that provides all the power you need for the task — up to 10 hours of uninterrupted use — contained in a comfortable-to-wear harness. Even better, its quiet operation allows you to take care of all your fallen leaves and debris without annoying your neighbors with loud noise.

Ready to get started with your warm-weather yardwork? Choose the tools that will make that activity more enjoyable, rewarding and neighbor-friendly than ever before.