Tips to Shop Smarter and Save on Household Essentials

(StatePoint) When it comes to the essentials that families use and replenish most often, some smart shopping strategies can allow you to stretch your dollar and keep your household budget on track.

Consider these shopping tips from the experts at Dollar General.

Grocery Basics

Meal planning at the start of each week can help you buy what you need affordably, so you won’t splurge on items you can’t or won’t use. Consider shopping for essentials like spices, milk, bread, eggs, frozen and canned vegetables, proteins and more at a discount retailer like Dollar General where customers can also find the Clover Valley brand, which provides a 100 percent guarantee. For some recipe inspiration, visit for affordable ideas for appetizers, side dishes, main courses and desserts. Dollar General also has a Shopping List feature on their mobile app, which can help you plan out your shopping trip needs before you visit the store.


Thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom should not have to be a hassle. Consider using a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used in various rooms of your home to reduce the need to purchase multiple products. Also, consider waiting until the items you need are on sale and purchasing extra at that time to help you save even further on what you need. As you clean, take it one room at a time, determining what items you need, what items you can repurpose to other rooms in your home and what items you plan to donate.


Whether you’re looking for remedies to combat seasonal allergies or just basic health and wellness items you replenish frequently, you can save even more when shopping at a general retailer. Find items like vitamins, minerals, hand soap, tissues, over-the-counter medications, hair and skincare products and more for less than you might expect at a pharmacy or grocery store.

Digital Savings

Families can also take advantage of savings opportunities with digital coupons that you can download before you shop to help you save time when visiting stores. Visit to enroll or digitally clip savings. 

By employing a few key shopping strategies, it is possible to have an organized household and delicious meals every day of the week without breaking the bank on needed essentials. 


Photo Credit: (c) AaronAmat / iStock via Getty Images Plus