Gift ideas for graduating friends

Everyone look out — the class of 2020 is nearing graduation! While seniors are reaching the end of their experiences as part of the RWU’s student body, graduation calls for gifts to be given. In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak and disruption of normal graduation festivities, here are some gifts you can share with friends and family who are taking flight into the future as Hawk alumni.

Custom-made photo collage

A simple and personal way to show your grad you care is sending them a photo collage with your favorite moments/memories on display. Don’t have pictures printed out or access to printing them? Try sending a special photo montage to your grad via an app like Animoto or PicPlayPost. They will love reliving moments captured in pictures from their college years!

Craft a new accessory

With more free time due to the Coronavirus, boredom can lead to some awesome new discoveries. Did you ever craft bracelets or accessories from embroidery thread or string with little beads? Why not try creating something special for your best friend who is graduating? There is always room for creativity. Who knows — maybe your crafty gift could mean a lot to your grad pal!

Bake something (or send something tasty)

Do you have a friend who lives close to you? Dropping off freshly baked goods or even their favorite treats could brighten their day as graduation draws near! Edible Arrangements also sells fresh fruit displays that can be ordered for your friends who are a bit out of reach during this season.

DIY money wreath

Honestly, how can you go wrong with cash? Sending checks or money to a graduate is a sure way to make them happy if you aren’t the craftiest gift giver. Make the money giving more personal by arranging the bills in the form of a wreath. The gift will be both creative and useful!

Write and send a letter

A card goes a long way, especially in the age of Coronavirus. To show more care for your graduating friend than you would in a text or DM, try writing a letter that reminds them how incredible they are for making it to graduation. The personal message you send them will help brighten the bittersweet experience of graduating in a way that touches the heart.

Other graduation-themed gifts

Need more inspiration for graduation gifts other than money or a letter? Check out for additional ideas under the title “DIY Graduation Gift Ideas!” There are some adorable suggestions, such as a light bulb turned upside-down with cash inside and a cute little label that reads: “Here’s to a future as bright as you are!” Other DIY presents include a framed print of Rhode Island, a graduation notebook/journal, candy bouquets and so much more.

The Hawks’ Herald congratulates the class of 2020 and wishes you all well as the future opens up for you. Happy graduation!